Green Living

GO Green with Alpha Utilities

Green living is a lifestyle which seeks to bring into balance the conservation and preservation of the Earth's natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human culture and communities. Proponents of sustainable living understand that we are neither separate from nor unaffected by our natural surroundings and that the direction of the human race is directly affected by the direction of the Earth's environment in which we live.

Such proponents understand the need to embrace practices which have little or no negative impact on our environment, to reduce waste and consumption, to work with Nature in creating sustainable food systems and living arrangements and to strengthen local communities and relationships. In laymen's terms, living green and sustainably means creating a lifestyle that works with Nature and does no long-term damage

If every household in the UAE, use eBills and pay bills online, it could reduce solid waste and help curb the release of greenhouse gases. Make the Switch, Make a Difference Turn off paper and do your part to Go Green!

The Environment Benefits, But So Do You!

In addition to saving the environment, you can save time. Receiving and paying bills online each month reduces this chore from hours to minutes. And with the extra time, you could plant a tree! You’ll save money too. Since you won’t be paying bills the old fashioned way — going to billing office, burning your fuel, wait in the long que — you’ll keep more green in your wallet. By paying your bills online, you will save time and money, preserve our natural resources and reduce the amount of waste that ends up at landfills.

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